National Greenscape Corridor

National Greenscape Corridor (NGC)

The National Greenscape Corridor (NGC) is a collaborative effort among Arlington National Cemetery, the National Mall, and the U. S. National Arboretum. NGC acknowledges the cultural, historic, societal, natural, and aesthetic importance of these sites while explaining the contributions that the landscape makes to the iconic nature of each site. The NGC seeks to promote public awareness of the use of turfgrass and turf’s role in these iconic places, how turfgrass contributes to the functional, cultural and historical significance of these places, and how the inputs used to maintain these areas produce many benefits to society.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the National Greenscape Corridor is to highlight the use of turfgrass as a multi-functional and integral element to the identity of the culturally and historically significant landscapes of the Arboretum, National Mall, and Arlington National Cemetery. The designation of the NGC will unify these sites to present consistent public outreach/education, thereby promoting the NGC concept.


  1. Connect people with the landscape by demonstrating how the landscape contributes to the “sense of space” (ambience) that makes these places national treasures.
  2. Educate visitors about the historical, cultural, societal, and aesthetic value of these landscapes. Inform visitors about managed landscapes and how they improve communities by providing environmental, health, recreational and other benefits.
  3. Inspire people to appreciate the value of managed landscapes and how they provide societal benefits that result from the inputs applied to the landscape.